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    • Are you looking for a cable and pipe sealing solution that meets the needs of your industry? The flexible Jardre Multipath Sealing System covers the different needs of all phases of your project, with efficiency and safety throughout the entire process from design to logistics.
      Our products have diversified applications in marine industry to ensure the safety and reliability for long-time operations. Our cable/pipe transits have been the first option for the global ship manufacturers and ship-owners. Our sealing solution passed many different official tests and approvals, which leads the industry.

      Marine Industry

      Our cable/pipeline transits provide certified solutions that effectively reduce the impact of fire, explosion, electromagnetic interference, bad weather and other hazards. Our system can provide perfect solutions based on the complex environment and special needs of marine projects. Yibo’s standardized multi-cable transit system is used in drilling platform, geophysical prospecting ships, FSO/FPSO and marine engineering auxiliary ships, which not only solves the sealing and protection problems, but also meets the needs of upgrading and maintenance with the lowest cost and the shortest time.

      Offshore oil and natural gas

      We can provide standardized and special transit solutions according to customer needs and requirements to ensure long-term effective protection of vehicles and equipment. The adoption of Yibo’s transits on locomotives can shorten and reduce the time and cost of locomotive maintenance and upgrading.


      Our cable and pipeline transits not only solves the requirements of fire prevention on constructions, but also meets the special requirements of high-level laboratories, data collection and processing center, such as high air tightness, electromagnetic interference protection, etc. to ensure its safety and normal operation, while shortening and reducing the time and cost of maintenance and upgrading of constructions.


          With the development of the communication technology, the operator should think about the extra development space to spare except for the safety of the network system. Our modular cable transits can be upgraded under the situation of original network operations.

      Electric power industry

      Our products range from nuclear, coal and gas power plants to hydropower, bio-energy, solar and wind power generation and distribution projects. Standardized transit solutions simplify the design, launch, production and maintenance processes and provide fire protection, airtight, watertight, electromagnetic interference and pest protection to ensure the normal operation of power supply equipment. Our transits provide the backup capacity to meet evolving needs and reduce maintenance costs.

      Electric power industry

      Since its establishment in 2005, Shanghai Yibo Shipping Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of cable / pipe penetrating seals, deck dressings and refractories, owning a number of independent intellectual property rights and core patented technologies, Strong professional field of suppliers.
      The company has complete research and testing equipment, advanced production management, strict quality management system and perfect after-sales service network. With product development, marketing, manufacturing, quality management, after-sales service and other departments, the total number of employees nearly 100 people, including management and technical personnel 30, eight senior titles.
      The company's own research and design of the deck dressing YB-JFC super lightweight deck base dressings, YB-JFQ-Ⅰ lightweight deck base dressings, YB-JFQ-Ⅱ floating refractory deck dressing, YB-JFQ-Ⅲ composite deck decking, YB -JFQ-Ⅳ refractory deck dressing, YB-JFL deck decking, YB-JFT deck decking, YB-JEP-Ⅰ light epoxy deck base dressings and other eight; A-60 to A-0 level through the seal There are YB-JGM casting type, YB-TGM type casing type and YB-MGM type modular type. The refractory materials include YB-YFD organic fire blocking material and YB-SWFD two-component non-toxic fire blocking material . Product selection of environmentally friendly, non-corrosive materials, functional homogeneous, full specifications, excellent performance, flexible combination, easy to use. Meet the IMOA.754 (18) A-60 to A-0, GJB4000-2000 and GJB150-86 specifications and have passed ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, EC, GL, KR, LR, NK, RINA, etc. Classification society approved. For ships, marine engineering, subway, power plants, nuclear power plants, communications and other places.
      After the products are put into the market, they are greatly welcomed by users, and they have set a good reputation in the industry with excellent after-sales service. They have provided the products for the fields of shipbuilding, marine engineering, petrochemical industry, nuclear industry, power communication, transportation and national defense Reliable products and services, and become well-known domestic and foreign enterprises dozens of designated manufacturers.
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